Teaching Statement

2023: Instructor, Race, Inequality, and Public Policy

2021-2022: Instructor, Race & Public Policy

2018 -2022: Instructor, Criminology, Sociology of Law, Race & Ethnicity, Sociology of Immigration

Virtual offerings:

  • Race & Ethnicity (fall 2022 upper level-12 videos, syllabus and videos available upon request)
  • Criminology (spring 2021 upper level-10 videos, syllabus and videos available upon request)
  • Sociology of Law (available upon request because of privacy issues)
  • Sociology of Immigration (available upon request because of privacy issues)

2017: Instructor, Social Problems

2016: Instructor, Voices in Public Policy: Syllabus for Latinxs in Politics, Spanish language conversational course

2015: Instructor, Voices in Public Policy, Spanish language conversational course developed for Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Initiative

2015: Teaching Assistant for Dr. Hannah Gill’s (UNC-Chapel Hill) spring course Latin American Migrant Perspectives: Ethnography and Action

2014-2015: Teaching Assistant for Dr. Mary Hovsepian’s course Nations, Regions, and the Global Economy

Additional syllabi available upon request for courses on Crimmigration, Citizenship in the United States, Criminology, and Law & Society.

Class Projects

Every fall (2018-2022), I ask students in my Sociology of Law class to dive into local public safety budgets and the local government bodies that control them. They must include the following:

1) Sheriff salary (2018 or 2019): NC County Salaries Database (information from the UNC School of Government)
2) Total county budget (2018 or 2019): County Website
3) General Public Safety/Sheriff budget (2018 or 2019): County website or Sheriff website
4) Jail Deaths and cause (2010-present)
5) Anything else that seems interesting

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out for more information. Basic information is included below for 27 of the 100 counties in NC. In 2018, there were 44 jail deaths in NC–jails that are controlled by Sheriffs.

Community Based Teaching

Abolition 101

Interrupting Anti-Blackness

Sheriff 101

NC Immigration 101

Tuition Equity timeline

Sheriff involvement in Immigration