Public Engagement


2021 Legislative Session

Outrage mounts to bills targeting cities and counties that defund law enforcement. WLOS | 2/16/2021

Invited Talks/Events

Community Conversation: Prison Conditions and COVID-19 12/27/2021 | The N.C. Justice Center hosted a virtual community conversation on prison conditions and COVID-19, and how incarceration furthers health risk for our community members on the inside.

Vigil Conversations: the Criminalization of Immigrants 12/24/2021 | Professor of Sociology Felicia Arriaga and ACLU of NC’s senior policy counsel Ann Webb hosted a presentation at the Vigil on the criminalization of immigrants and the role of sheriffs in the prison-to-deportation pipeline.

March 1, 2020: Using Policing Data in Your Budget Advocacy

October 2019: Changing the South & Combating Retaliatory Anti-immigrant Legislation, Hot Topic session at The National Lawyer’s Guild Annual Meeting with Alissa Ellis (ACLU-NC), Stefania Arteaga (ACLU-NC), and Julie Mao (Just Futures Law)

October 2019: Hispanic Heritage Month at Virginia Tech

(9/14/19): National Health Equity Research Webinar

Provide Your Input (2020)

House Select Committee on Community Relations, Law Enforcement and Justice

Press and Community Appearances

Media Briefing: The Neglected Authority of Sheriffs Experts discuss the threat of xenophobic policies and networks influencing sheriffs departments and opportunities for further reporting and investigation. Hosted by: Political Research Associates and The Justice Collaborative 

ICE tiene convenios con 50 empresas en Carolina del Norte, Univision, September 16, 2019.

The State of Things: Western NC Reacts To ICE’S ‘New Normal’, March 7, 2019.

The State of Things: How One Immigration Program Is Impacting North Carolinians. October 26, 2018.

The Appeal: Political Report. October 11, 2018.

La Voz Independiente. July 4, 2018. “Muy Pocos Hispanos Votaron en Henderson.”

Libre. April 28, 2018. Gastonia-Know Your Rights

Down Home NC-Alamance Chapter. March 7, 2018. 287(g) Community Forum/Foro Communitario.

Hola Noticias. December 5, 2017. “ICE deportó a 288 inmigrantes desde Mecklenburg,”

QuePasa. April 6, 2016. “Cientos protestan en el Triángulo en contra de la nueva ley estatal HB2.”

North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus.  November 12, 2015. “Sanctuary city ban prompts protest at governors mansion.”