Non Peer-reviewed Works

2019 “How North Carolina’s State Agencies Collaborate with ICE” Policy Brief for the Scholar’s Strategy Network:

2019: “Banking on immigrants” Scalawag Online.

2017: “By the Numbers: Enforcing immigration in the Tar Heel state.” Scalawag Issue 8.

2016: “Teaching Note: Incorporating Art into Lessons on Immigration, Race, and Development in the  United States.” The Southern Sociologist 48(1).

December 8, 2016: “10 ways to integrate current events into classes.” Sage Connection.

Reflection pieces

2023                “Embracing a Radically Transformative Intellectual Approach” in Sociological Forum

2023              “We Still Mean Abolition: A Roundtable.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 9(2), 260–268. Featuring Felicia Arriaga, Naana Ewool, Meghan McDowell, Danielle Purifoy, and Manju Rajendran

2023                “Embracing Abolition” with Nataly Jimenez and Jessie Rios (research assistants) in Latina/o/x Criminology and Justice: Pedagogy, Curriculum, Representation, and Reflections a Special Issue for Journal of Criminal Justice Education (JCJE)

2023                “Liberatory Research: Bridging the Gap Between Community Organizing and Research” with Blu Lewis in Humanity & Society as part of a special issue on…

Peer-reviewed Publications

2022              “PolICE in Schools: Immigration Enforcement as a Racial Project and Opportunities for Resistance” in Race Frames in Education Structuring Inequality and Opportunity in a Changing Society

2021                “We can talk to you, you’re less radical”: Reflexivity and Developing Answerability in International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education

2021              Arriaga, F., & Rodriguez, S. “It’s Like Where Do I Belong?”: Latinx Undocumented Youth Activism, Identity, and Belonging in North Carolina. Journal for Leadership, Equity, and Research7(2).

2020                “Local Immigration Enforcement: Shaping and Maintaining Policies through White Saviors and Economic Motivations.” In Protecting Whiteness: Whitelash and the Rejection of Racial Equality.

2020                “Latina Educators in Sociology: Centering Identity in the Trump Era” in Sociology of Race and Ethnicity with Karina Santellano (first author) and Kimberley Higuera

2020 “Incarceration During COVID-19: Jails Shouldn’t be a Death Sentence” in Social Problems in the Age of COVID-19: Volume 1: US Perspectives with Max Rose and Jasmine Heiss

2019 “Ethnic Minorities and Criminalization of Immigration Policies in the US” (invited book chapter for The Palgrave Handbook of Ethnicity)

2019 “Writing in Race: Evidence Against Employers’ Assumptions About Race and Soft Skills,” Social Problems with Jessi Streib, Carlos Tavares, and Emi Weed)

2019 “Gender Neutral? How Women and Men Present Themselves in Job Applications,” Sex Roles: A Journal of Research with Jessi Streib, Carlos Tavares, and Emi Weed

2017 “Relationships Between the Public and Local Law Enforcement in North Carolina Counties with 287(g) Programs in North Carolina,” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 3(3): 417-431.

2016 “Understanding Crimmigration: Implications for Racial and Ethnic Minorities Within the United States.” Sociology Compass, 10: 805812. doi: 10.1111/soc4.12401.

2016 “Teaching and Learning Guide: Understanding Crimmigration: Implications for all Racial and Ethnic Minorities,” Sociology Compass 10: 1072-1076.

2019 “Writing in Race: Evidence Against Employers’ Assumptions About Race and Soft Skills,” Social Problems with Jessi Streib, Carlos Tavares, and Emi Weed)

In-progress publications

2023                “Abolition Challenges in Immigrant Rights”