National Changes

In 2019, new versions of the 287(g) Program began in Florida. These are Warrant Service Officer Programs. You can find fact sheets from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in English and Spanish. The counties in NC that recently adopted these are: Alamance, Albemarle, Avery, Brunswick, Caldwell, Cleveland, Duplin, Lincoln, Nash, Randolph, Rockingham, and Yancey.

Longer County Reports

Dissertation Work


My dissertation, tentatively titled THE BROWNING OF THREAT: The “Unintended” Aftermath of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a New Destination Community is a mixed-methods approach to investigate how local law enforcement implements federal immigration enforcement programs throughout the state of North Carolina. I’ve spent time as a participant observer as well as conducting formal and informal follow-up interviews with attendees at 287(g) Steering committee meetings and/or persons previously involved with each program in each of the following counties: 1) Henderson County, 2) Gaston County, 3) Cabarrus County, 4) Wake County, and 5) Mecklenburg County. I’ve supplemented this information with archival data from counties during their adoption phase of the 287(g) Program and incorporated pre and post traffic stop data when relevant.

Here is an in-progress storymap of some of my work. And a timeline of criminalization processes of immigrants at the intersection of the United States and North Carolina policies.

Local Projects-287(g) Fact Sheets

Henderson County-English

Henderson County-Espanol

Wake County-English

Wake County-Espanol